I like to spend a lot of my time working on my Coffee Bean Cash side jobs. But I have found that at times, it can be a very tedious task, so I have found a few others apps to give myself a Mind Break!

They won’t make you rich and it takes some time to earn the pay out minimums, but to me, ANY LITTLE BIT HELPS!

Lucky Day:

  • lucky-day-an-app-that-lets-you-win-free-money-L-4Z6AYy
  • Download App for Android or iPhone and enter in my Referral Code: hairista
  • Play Black Jack, Scratch Ticket or Slots and win!
  • $10 Minimum for PayPal Cash Out or Donation to your Charity.


  • 250215_larger
  • Download App for iPhone or Android and enter in my Referral Code: 1C6D93 and receive FREE spins!
  • Watch Videos for Spins, Log-in Daily and Receive Spins as well!
  • Choose your color (Blue or Yellow) and spin. If the marker lands on your color, you WIN!
  • Cash Out via PayPal. $25 Minimum.


  • 1200x630bf
  • Download App for iPhones ONLY!
  • Watch videos and earn! Cash out, at $1.00 BUT if you collect more points and cash out at a higher balance you receive a BONUS!
  • When you log-in, you also receive a BONUS!
  • I received a second Square Cash payment of $2.23 on 6/20/16


  • 1q-review-scam-legit
  • Download the App for iPhones and Android.
  • Enter in my Referral Code: 1Q.com/Wc53N  (*updated 6/20/16-I wasn’t aware that there was a referral code until today!)
  • Make sure to fill out your profile completely and honestly so that 1Q can match your demographics to surveys available for you!
  • Now, this is a VERY sporadic program. I joined a month or so ago and have only received 2 surveys. Both of which, I *was* paid for and they were super simple.
  • 1Q is a newer platform, so it takes getting more people to join, for more money to be made!
  • .25 cents-.50 cents per survey PAID IMMEDIATELY to your PayPal Account!

Surveys On-the-Go:

  • th
  • Download the App for iPhone and Android
  • Make sure to completely fill out your profile so that they can match you with surveys pertaining to your demographics.
  • There are opportunities for higher paying surveys as well! Make sure to turn on your Push Notifications, so that you don’t miss out!
  • This is another one that I just recently joined! I have already completed several surveys and have $3.20 earned.
  • Minimum Pay Out is $10 via PayPal, Amazon GC or Visa Rewards Card!


I will add more as I find them and try them out! I hope that you all find these apps fun, if not useful.

If you have any Questions/Comments or Suggestions, please feel free to Contact Me.