June 2016 Income Report


I have decided in order to be open, honest and as transparent as I can be with my side hustles, I am going to share my monthly Income Reports with you all.

Since I began A Coffee Bean Budget and my current Coffee Cash sites/app, I have found that some of these sources are BOGUS or not as reliable as I had first assumed they would be.

In this post, I am going to share where I have earned income for the month of June 2016 and which sites and apps that aren’t a great way to make a lot of Coffee Cash, but if you want to waste a minute once in awhile, they are good for that!

Here’s the breakdown:

One Day Rewards: $43.13

$13.78 Pending

$.10 PayPal/Bitcoin Min. Cash Out.

ODR is probably my MOST FAVORITE side hustle site. I cash out $10-13 every other day or so. I have had a couple issues with two of my cash outs, but that was entirely my fault. I put in my PayPal information incorrectly and so the cash outs were denied.

TIP: ODR is accessible on your smartphone, but be very careful and check your information before submitting your Cash Outs. The issue I had with my two denied Cash Outs, was that I put my e-mail address in wrong somehow, via my smartphone.



InstantCashSweepstakes.com: $3.80

$.46 Pending

$2.00 PayPal Min. Cash Out.

With ICS, you log in every 3 hours (they even send you an e-mail reminder!) and take 3-4 question Polls/Surveys and earn a prize every time. It can either be coins, tickets or change… I say “Change” because it is around $.01-$.08 depending on the Poll. It may not seem like much, but you can Cash Out at $2.00 via PayPal and it processes almost immediately. You CAN become a Pro Member on ICS which allows you to have the opportunity for more Polls/Surveys and to earn MORE! There is also a Trait Score aspect and the more you participate and complete the polls, your TS goes up. Again, giving you more opportunities to EARN!

I really enjoy ICS! It is something to do in my spare time and when I hit that $2 mark, I can either cash out or keep earning to get some extra Coffee Cash!

I cashed out at $3.80 to verify that the payment would actually come through and IT DID!



Swagbucks: $25 PayPal & $3 Amazon GC

Pending: ½ way to another $25 PayPal

2500 Swagbucks=$25 PayPal Cash Out.

I currently use Swagbucks as a monthly payment instead of trying to cash out weekly. It takes a bit more time to earn Sbs so I just do my Daily Tasks every day and then go about my day. I make sure to take advantage of any Offers they may have available for Business Supplies, Monthly Subscription Boxes, and Kid’s Items. You can usually get 1,000+ Swagbucks for these Offers and that turns into extra Coffee Cash or Rebates.

If you haven’t already, check out Swagbucks HERE and get 300 Sbs just for signing up!




Ibotta $20.25 PayPal

$13.25 Pending

Min. $20 PayPal or Gift Card Cash Out.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Ibotta!! I have become completely addicted to this app! Whenever we go to the store, I check the rebates available at our local grocery store. When I cashed out, I received my payment within 24 hours.



Quick Loot! (iOS App) $8.84 SquareCash

Pending Recent(7/6) Cash Out $2.26

Pending Balance .13

Min. $2 Cash Out via PayPal, SquareCash or Gift Cards

Cash Out at $4+ and earn a .40 cent BONUS!

NEW Features were added recently to, Quick Loot! Now you can complete offers and surveys to earn points to play new games as well as watching videos! I use QL! For my extra Coffee Cash. I have noticed in the last few weeks that the videos are coming in slower and not as frequent as when I first began using this app. I have spoken with the app designer, Alec and he explained to me that this is due to demographics. In some states/regions, you will receive more videos than in other states. Although QL! Won’t make you a ton of cash, I do recommend it for quick, EASY Coffee Cash! The owner/designer is great and very quick to respond to any issues. Check it out, if you are an iOS user 🙂 Payments take up to 72 hours to process.



I won’t ever post any income that isn’t in my bank account. Below are balances that I have still be earning but still have not met the minimum cash out amount. Some of these, I am starting to think belong in the App Graveyard due to lack of credits or earnings, as soon as I have gotten close to the minimum cash out.

PaidViewpoint: Pending Balance: $10.35

Minimum Cash Out $15 PayPal

InstantCashSweepstakes.com: Pending Balance: $.46

I cashed out $3.80 in June 2016

Minimum Cash Out $2 PayPal


Squishy Cash: Pending Balance: $13.09 & 47.81 Chips)

I am starting to think that Squishy Cash is headed to the Site Graveyard. I have completed offers, surveys, clicks, etc. and not had any credit, in about 2 weeks. Minimum Cash Out $15 PayPal $5=500 Chips PayPal or Gift Cards. I will continue to use SC until I meet the minimum cash out and then probably bag this site. I have better luck on my other Coffee Cash Sites, Like OneDayRewards.com

InstaGC: Pending Balance: 963.20 points (38.52% until $25 Pay Out)

*434.70 frozen points

Frozen Points are offers that are over 200+ points or those in which you have used your credit card info. I should receive those frozen points in a week or so.

Minimum Cash Out varies. Direct Deposit, Visa Card, PayPal(after you’ve cashed out $50), and Gift Cards.

SliceofthePie.com: Pending Balance: $1.02

Minimum Cash Out $10 PayPal

This is a really fun way to earn some extra cash! Listen to music and type up your review! There are other options to earn as well, such as Fashion Reviews. I haven’t spent much time with SliceofthePie only because I have been busy learning my other sites. I will work more with this one in July and give you all an update later.

OnGo: Pending Balance: $2.00

I cashed out on 7/6 at $11.80 via PayPal

Minimum Cash Out $10 PayPal, Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Card


Ebates: Pending Balance: $10.88

They cut checks quarterly, so I will receive my Big Fat Check in August 2016.

Earn Rebates, but shopping at your Favorite Online Stores!

Love Love Love, this App!

LuckyDay: Pending Balance: $8.84

This app is a waste of time and will be in the App Graveyard. I have been at $8.84 for almost a month now. I used to enjoy playing this app in my spare time. I would max bet 1000 on the slots and every 2-4 spins I would win. But since their latest update, I have not won anything. I share on Twitter and used to talk nice about the whole concept. However, I will continue to play until I do hit the minimum Cash Out of $10 and then I will be deleting this app.

Bing Rewards: Pending Balance: 910 points

I will be cashing out a $10 Xbox Live Card on 7/8/16 for my husband


I earn anywhere from 20-45 points per day, just doing the daily search tasks

via the Bing app and Bing search engine.

Minimum Cash Out varies per Gift Card or Charity Donation.

You can earn rewards fairly fast and I have cashed out several Starbucks Gift Cards and Amazon Gift Cards over the last two years.

Louder Rewards: Pending Balance: 22,434 points(9% towards my Steelers Tank Top Reward)

This app is SUPER cool! Now, this specific app, that I am using is for Pittsburgh Steelers Fans. But, I am certain if you search your favorite teams or Louder Rewards, you will find an app for you. With this app, you read articles, click on hashtags, download apps, watch videos, etc. to earn Sports Fan Gear. It typically takes up to 45 days to earn your rewards. It all depends on how active you are on the app. I have noticed that it does crash A LOT but I do enjoy earning points in my spare time, so I can help support the Steelers and my husband’s obsession! Haha.

Inbox Dollars: Pending Balance: $16.32

Minimum Cash Out $30 via Check

$5 Sign-up Bonus

Read E-mails, Sign Up for Offers, Surveys and MORE!

I love Inbox Dollars! I use this site and app daily and I slowly earn towards my $30 Cash Out.

They pay via paper check or Visa Rewards card. Pay outs take a little bit of time. I cashed out in May, but didn’t receive my Visa Rewards card until mid-June. I like to cash out and forget with Inbox Dollars, then when it shows up in the mail I get a surprise and celebrate with COFFEE!!

My Small Business Incomes:

Katie B. Scents: June Commission $65.93

June 2016 was a slow month for me in my small business. I took some time off to focus on my schooling and family. I am back at it full time in July! Check out my online catalog here and if you’re interested in starting your own business, feel free to contact me!

Buskins Leggings: June Commission $17.80

I absolutely LOVE these leggings and I swear they feel like butter on your legs. You will LOVE them! They are super affordable, we have mommy and me outfits, athletic wear AND men’s wear! I run my Buskins business very part time and mainly just feed my own legging addiction. Ha! It is nice to get a discount and make a little extra back on clothing, since I continue to lose more and more weight!  You can follow my weight loss story, HERE. 

In conclusion, over the last month, I have made $187.50! Almost $200 in just a month of testing out these new ways of earning free money online! It is possible. Let me help you earn extra Coffee Cash too!

Have any Questions, Comments or Suggestions? Feel free to Contact Me. 






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