About Katie B. & A Coffee Bean Budget

My name is Katie B. I am a full time Medical Transcription/Editing Student through CareerStep (Contact Me┬áif you’d like MORE information on my current program!), full time small business owner, stay-at-home-mom and wife to my three kids (10, 11 & 13), my best friend, partner in crime, soulmate, and husband of 1 year (03/12/15) and our wild and CRAZY fur kids, Bruno-our 3-legged, long-haired baby, Khaleesi-Mama’s lil girl…spoiled rotten, goof-ball, Cleopatra-our “Pee-Boops”, old crabby pants, rat dog (HA!) and Jack our old tomcat (not really, but he is a fight instigator with the other alley cats in our neighborhood lol).

I created A Coffee Bean Budget because I have spent years trying to find ways to earn an extra income on the Internet, for FREE and from home! And PLUS! I love coffee and if I can earn some extra cash to supply my habit, I am all for it!

Until recently, I haven’t done a whole lot with reward, referral programs, paid-to-click, or survey sites and apps, but now that I have done some research and tried some of them out, I am ready to share the with you all.

I have made a little bit of “Coffee Bean Cash” over the last couple months, so I KNOW these sites WORK!

Feel free to comment or Contact Me if you have any other companies that you have tried and had success with, that I haven’t listed!

Katie B.